Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Halle's Brithday!

Halle is 4 years old!!! I can't believe it. She's just growing up so fast. She is the most beautiful, smart, outgoing little 4 year old ever. I'm going to brag for a minute so I hope all of you enjoy :) Halle had her 4 year old Dr Appointment last Friday. Everything they did this time was different then past times. They had her do an eye exam and she knew every letter & shape they pointed to. The doctor asked her to say her alphabet and instead she sang it. She got every letter. He asked her to count to 10 and she did it like it was nothing. Then he asked her to draw a picture of her and her little sister and write her name. She did so good! Her doctor even said he was impressed with her. Wes & I are so proud of her. She loves to learn. She's been in preschool this last year. I can't believe how much she has come out of her shell in such a short time. Mrs. Lisa is so good with her and she loves to go. She's done so well at meeting new friends at preschool and at church. She is the best big sister ever to Hayden. I could go on and on about my sweet little girl. We love her so much.

Here are a few pictures from her birthday. She was pretty spoiled :) I have to explain about the tool box. Lately she wants to fix everything. She takes Wes' screwdrivers and finds anything with a screw and "fixes" it. She did this at her Grandma & Grandpa's a little bit ago and they got the idea to get her her own tool box for her birthday. It's so funny! She uses it all the time, especially with Daddy in the garage.

Halle's party was on Sunday the 1st. So on her acutal birthday the 3rd, Wes & I took her to Boondocks. She loves this place! She would play in the kids area for hours if we'd let her. The first thing she wanted to do was ride the cars with Dad. After that we had some pizza, then she and dad played the video games. It was a super fun outing with the family. Hayden was so good while we were there.


licktees said...

happy birthday halle! she is so cute and i can't believe she is 4! our kids are getting so big :)

her toolbox is super cute-what a cute idea!

and every time i see her i can't believe her amazing hair! i am totally jealous :)

Jenn Rushton said...

Your girls are so stinking beautiful! Hayden's blessing went so well. Wes did great! We need to play, I need more guitar hero!!!

Teresa Gashler said...

Your family is darling. The toolbox for Halle was such a cool idea. Little Hayden is adorable too. Can't wait to see you guys again!